Dr. Krajník Receives Rector's Award

Dr. Krajník receives Rector's Award for his translation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

23. 5. 2024

Dr. Filip Krajník from our department has received Rector's Award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement for his translation and publication of William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Dr. Krajník published his translation in 2022; in April that year, it also premiered in the South Bohemian Theatre in České Budějovice (directed by Jakub Čermák): Hamlet, Inscenace - Jihočeské divadlo (jihoceskedivadlo.cz)

Dr. Krajník's translation is the first staged Czech translation of Hamlet in more than twenty years, marking a new beginning of traslating the play (as well as Shakespeare's dramatic oeuvre in general) for the new millenium.

The book version, edited by our student Anna Hrdinová, is the first volume of the series of student editions of English Renaissance drama, published in collaboration with our department. It contains an informative contextual essay and critical apparatus, written mainly for students and general reading and theatregoing audiences. The second volume of the series, a new Czech translation of Christopher Marlowe's Edward II., was published last year; for the next year, the editorial team is planning to publish two Shakespearean comedies in one volume, including Much Ado About Nothing, translated by Anna Hrdinová, and the apocryphal Double Falsehood, translated by Dr. Krajník.

Dr. Krajník's Hamlet may be purchased at the MUNI bookstore: Hamlet | MUNISHOP (You may use the 20 per cent discount code "depresivnideti" in the shopping cart.)

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