Intensive courses - Autumn 2023

8. 6. 2023

AJL17092, AJL27099 / The Supreme Court and American Tribalism / Paul von Blum

September 25 through September 29
10.00 - 11.40 and 14.00 - 15.40

Course description

For several decades, Americans have radically divided politically, socially, racially, and morally. These divisions can be properly described as tribal and many people are so entrenched in their groups that even basic conversations are almost impossible. Even mass media outlets are specifically directed to specific groups. During this time, the United States Supreme Court, the highest legal authority in the nation, has been a major institutional force in creating and perpetuating this tribal arrangement. This course will cover three of the most significant and controversial areas where the Court has been responsible for these divisions: 1. guns, 2. race, and 3. reproductive rights. Historical context about the role of the Supreme Court and how its decisions affect public attitudes and actions will be provided at the outset. This is an interdisciplinary American studies course combining law, history, politics, sociology, psychology, and ethnic and gender studies.

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AJL17093, AJL27100 / The American 1950s / Ben Alexander

November 20 - 24

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