Spring Semester courses by MU Fulbright Professors

5. 2. 2018


During the upcoming semester, two visiting American Fulbright professors – Prof. David Thurmaier (University of Missouri, Kansas City) and Prof. Asma Abbas (Bard College at Simon’s Rock) will be offering courses of interest to students in the Department.

Prof. Thurmaier is spending the semester in the Department of Musicology and is offering the following courses:

VH_326: Charles Ives and His America (Bachelor’s and Master’s levels)

VH_327: The Music of the Beatles (Bachelor’s and Master’s levels)

Prof. Abbas is affiliated with the Faculty of Social Studies’ Department of Sociology and is offering these courses:

Gen185: The Feminine and the Political; or, How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love the Man (Bachelor’s level)

SOC610: Race, Religion, and the Feminine: Postcolonial and Post-Soviet Formations (Master’s level).

Descriptions for these to courses can be found here.

The Department is pleased to announce that these courses will count towards your Department credit requirements at the Bachelor's level (that is, they will be treated as if they were DEAS courses) and towards the Literary and Cultural Studies track at the Master's level. If you are still looking for courses, we strongly recommend that you sign up for one or more of these fascinating subjects.

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