Studentská konference MicroLab

20. 3. 2018

MICROLAB is an experimental space dedicated to literary and artistic innovation, new practices, and perspectives. It is designed for students and other young researchers to test out their ideas, receive feedback, and present their research to an international audience. MICROLAB is taking place as part of the Prague Microfestival, taking place May 24-27 2018 at Venuše ve Švehlovce (Slavíkova 22).

MICROLAB is looking for students to present their research on literature, art and digital technologies, the possibility of new discourses and poetics, and the interplay of political and poetical in the digital age.

This year’s edition of Microlab will aim to address the following questions:

How to chart out and navigate new registers of public discourse which would not be complicit in neither censorship nor utilitarian sophistry, and would open the sphere of the political in ways heretofore unimagined? How to transcode language beyond its normative register, and carve out an alien poetics which would not be cowed and herded back within the confines of a ready-made, prefabricated political discourse? Who arbiters what is and is not acceptable to say, and what are their motivations? How do digital technologies, with their Likes, emoticons, and encoded frameworks of gates and passcodes, condition the understanding of politics and an individual’s relationship to their environment?

Send abstracts (cca 300 words) of your topic by APRIL 15th to



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