Comprehending Canada

17 June – 30 June 2021


  • Jeffrey Ayres - St. Michael´s College (Burlington, U.S.A.)
  • Magdalena Fiřtová - Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Denisa Krásná - Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic)
  • Richard Nimijean - Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Tomáš Pospíšil - Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic)

Course Description

Students are introduced to the study of Canada and its society, identity, culture, economy, and politics. This course brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts in Canadian Studies whose insights will allow students to gain a better comprehension of Canada. By synthesizing these approaches, we develop a unique and more comprehensive understanding. We explore Canada by looking at its development, its evolving sense of national identity, and the challenges of Canada’s ongoing evolution and survival. We look at Canadian people and how they live in Canada. Subjects covered include:

  • National identity, diversity in Canadian society, race, and ethnicity
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Canada-US relations and the border,
  • Natural resources, the environment, and the economy
  • Immigration and refugee policies
  • Canadian narratives as seen in culture, film, and literature

Course Coordinator: Denisa Krásná,

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