Information about the Literatures in English doctoral program is also available here:

Faculty of Arts page (only in Czech)

Masaryk University page

Application requirements:

Besides filling out an online application form at, please submit to the Office for Admission Process FA MU:

  • A copy of your M.A. (Mgr.) thesis,

  • A two-page explanation of your academic goals and aspirations,

  • A dissertation proposal (including a preliminary outline of its structure and a bibliography),

  • One letter of recommendation (on the form provided)

  • Your Curriculum Vitae

  • A list of your publications

After submitting the required materials, candidates are invited for an interview which involves a discussion about the PhD project proposal, its viability and context, as well as students' motivation and expectations of the PhD program.

Program Description and Goals

This doctoral program in English-Language Literatures will provide training in traditional areas of study as well as in contextual, interdisciplinary and transnational approaches. Students will be able to select from one of four primary fields of concentration—British and Irish Literatures, North American Literatures, Australian and New Zealand Literatures, and Other Literatures in English—or they may pursue comparative research across two or more of these fields, using approaches that involve ethnicity, gender, queer theory, post-colonialism, regionalism, etc. The program has been designed to offer students the opportunity to develop as literary scholars in their chosen discipline, while at the same time gaining a broad range of experience in academia. Study-abroad in the culture-areas related to the dissertation, typically in the second or third year of the program, is strongly encouraged.


The Examination Committee

The Study Plan

Suggested Calendar


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