List of study texts for Master’s State Exam

  • English Language and Literature
  • Teaching English Language and Literature for Secondary Schools

This list is for all students of Combined Studies and for those students in Day Studies whose year of matriculation is 2015 or later. The list is divided into three parts, based on the choice of track (Literary and Cultural Studies or Linguistics or English Language Teaching). Students should select texts only from that list assigned to the track they have indicated on their Thesis Topic Registration form, which will have been submitted to the Department prior to writing their Master’s Thesis. Students should also carefully follow the instructions for selecting texts associated with each list. All of the texts are available in the Faculty of Arts Central Library in multiple copies, with one copy of each on reserve (prezenčně). In addition, all of the State Exam books have been scanned and may be accessed through the Central Library’s "e-prezenčka" programme.  Students are encouraged to purchase copies of these texts for themselves.

You must announce your choice of texts using the appropriate form for your track, either Literary and Cultural Studies or Linguistics or English Languate Teaching (imatriculation 2019 and before or imatriculation in 2020 and later). This form should be submitted in two copies together with the two bound copies of your Master’s Thesis. For those students submitting a Minor Thesis, only one copy of the form is necessary.

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