Citation Standards at DEAS

Written work for educational and research purposes at the university follows a set of standards. These standards are applied to make sure that the works submitted are “academic” in their nature, thus meeting the following criteria, among others:

  • Academic integrity (meeting the research and ethical standards of the field of study),
  • Consistency (making it formally uniform so that emphasis may be placed on the content),
  • Avoidance of plagiarism (referencing all sources properly).

To meet all these points as well as others, academic fields have developed citation standards, which are sets of rules to follow when writing an academic piece: from various semantic and textual features, which are typical of academic texts, through formal elements of the use of English including punctuation rules, to formal referencing of used sources.

See guidelines, below, for specific citation standards to help you with your writing.

Literature and Cultural Studies: Chicago

For writings submitted in the fields of literature studies, cultural studies, and related areas, the Department prefers the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) with short footnotes and bibliography. See the instructions online as well as make sure to follow the guidelines as appropriate to the Department in the following worksheet:

Linguistics: APA

For writings submitted in the fields of linguistics, ELT methodology, translation studies, and related areas, the Department prefers the APA Formatting and Style Guide. See the instructions online.


Tools and support

It is useful to use the following tools, which can make your writing more efficient:

  • Citation generators: online tools for creating a citation in the proper style (for example, ZoteroBib)
  • Citation managers: software that manages all your bibliography, including a storage of digital documents, and creates citations and bibliography in your text editor. CitacePro is free for all students and employees of Masaryk University. Zotero is the most widely used citation manager.

Workshops are organized by the English Students Club (ESCape) and the Central Library.

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