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(Jedná se o okruhy nabízené jednotlivými vyučujícími; u většiny vyučujících lze také navrhnout vlastní téma podle jejich zaměření a vašeho zájmu.)

Nikola Fořtová, B.A., M.A.

  • E-learning, m-learning: application of new technologies in teaching

prof. Milada Franková, CSc., M.A.

  • Medieval English Literature
  • Contemporary British Literature
  • British cultural studies

Stephen Paul Hardy, B.A., P.G.C.E, M.A., Ph.D.

  • British & Irish 17th, 19th, & 20th Century Literature (all genres)
  • British Poetry (1558–2012) and North American 20th Century Poetry
  • British Cultural History (20,000 B.C.–2012)
  • British Film/TV/Media or any aspect of 20th C British Cultural Studies and North American Film and Popular Music

Mgr. Martina Horáková, Ph.D.

  • Australian literature and cultural studies
  • Contemporary American literature
  • Ethnic minority literatures in North America and Australia
  • Indigenous literatures

doc. PhDr. Jana Chamonikolasová, Ph.D.

Prof. Jan Chovanec, Ph.D.

  • Methodology: Discourse analysis, pragmatics, critical discourse analysis, stylistics, sociolinguistics
  • Areas: Language in the media, language and law, language and society
  • Topics: Representation of social groups, interaction and interactivity,discourse coherence in spoken and written language, discourse patterns in media communication, modern genres of English, diachronic genre analysis (historical pragmatics)

doc. Mgr. Tomáš Kačer, Ph.D.

  • Modern and contemporary British drama and theatre (plays, playwrights, performance analyses; history/theory)
  • American drama and theatre (plays, playwrights, performance analyses; history/theory)
  • British theatres and theatre festivals
  • Other forms of performance and culture

PhDr. Simona Kalová, Ph.D.

  • Practical aspects of teaching and learning
  • Educational assessment and evaluation

Mgr. Renata Kamenická, Ph.D.

  • Empirical translation studies of contemporary translation practices
  • Translator’s style; style in/of translation
  • Psycho-cognitive aspects of/in translation
  • Individual vs. shared discursive strategies in translation
  • Translations vs. non-translations; translation-specific tendencies
  • Translation practice/theory interface (in both directions)
  • Intralingual translation

doc. Michael Kaylor, M.A., PhD

  • Romantic and Victorian poetry
  • The Modernist novel in Britain and Ireland
  • English Decadence
  • The Bloomsbury Group
  • Walt Whitman
  • Theory of Biography
  • Gay Studies, homoeroticism in the Arts
  • Literary canonicity

Mgr. Filip Krajník, Ph.D.

  • William Shakespeare/Early-Modern English Drama (BA/MA)
  • Late Mediaeval English Literature (BA only)
  • Literary Representations of Sleeping and Dreaming (BA/MA)
  • Philip K. Dick (BA/MA)
  • Literary Translation (BA/MA)

doc. PhDr. Naděžda Kudrnáčová, CSc.

  • Semantics
  • Syntax-semantics interface
  • Lexicology

James Little, Ph.D.

  • Modernism
  • Irish studies
  • Theatre studies
  • Samuel Beckett studies
  • The literature of coercive confinement

Mgr. Linda Nepivodová, Ph.D.

  • Language Testing
  • Error Correction
  • Second Language Acquisition

Mgr. Jana Pelclová, Ph.D.

  • Stylistic analysis - analysis or comparison of the register of advertising, e_communication, F2F conversation, narrative stylistics (BA)
  • Discourse of advertising - linguistic analysis of selected topics (e.g. figures of speech, spokenness vs. writtenness, pragmatic principles, humour, word-picture contextualisation, etc.) (MA)
  • Topics in Pragmatics - analysis of authentic conversation, fictional conversation, pragmatic aspects in the discourse of advertising, etc. (MA)
  • Discourse analysis - selected topics in the discourse of children's literature, advertising, CMC, politics, etc. (MA)

doc. Tomáš Pospíšil, Ph.D.

  • Canadian film and TV
  • American film and TV
  • Cinematic representation of American minorities; films by minority filmmakers
  • American literature
  • American history and/or culture
  • American cultural studies

Ing. et Mgr. Jiří Rambousek, Ph.D.

  • History and bibliography of Czech translations from English
  • Reflection of older translations in contemporary Czech periodicals
  • Selected contrastive aspects of English and Czech as reflected in translation
  • Cognitive views of translation and the translator
  • Personalities of the early history of the Department of English and American Studies

Mgr. Jitka Sedláčková, Ph.D.

  • Second Lanuage Acquisition
  • Individual Learning Differences in Second Language Learning
  • Students with Specific Needs and EFL
  • Reading Skills and Reading Strategies in EFL

Jeff Smith, M.F.A, Ph.D.

  • Literatures and cultures of the United States
  • Popular arts, culture and media
  • Relationship of politics to literature and the arts
  • Historical development of US cultures and politics

PhDr. Don Sparling, B.A.

  • Canadian literature (all genres, with a special interest in historical fiction and drama)
  • Multiculturalism in Canada, interculturalism in Quebec
  • The French-English relationship in Canada (all aspects - historical, social, cultural, educational [e.g. immersion schooling], etc.)
  • Canadian culture (all aspects except film, where doc. Pospíšil is your man)
  • Contemporary issues relating to the indigenous peoples (First Nations, Inuit, Métis)
  • Depending on the topic, other areas that you might have a particular interest in

PhDr. Kateřina Tomková, Ph.D.

  • Accents of English and their perceptions
  • Oral presentation, rhetorics and elocution
  • Common pronunciation mistakes and theire radication
  • Statistical procession of most common pronunciation errors
  • Articulatory settings in E and CZ
  • The use of authentic material such as sitcoms and films in teaching oneself better speaking skills
  • Musical aptitude correlating with FL acquisition

Jeffrey A. Vanderziel, B.A.

  • History, culture, representation and/or literature of indigenous peoples in North America
  • History and/or culture of minorities in North America
  • LGBTQ history, culture, literature
  • American history and/or culture
  • American cultural studies

PhDr. Jitka Vlčková, Dr.

  • Australians in different historical periods (BA)
  • Indigenous and other minorities in Australia - history and/or cutlture (BA)
  • Australian cultural studies (BA/MA)
  • Registers in English. Australian English. Aboriginal English. Intercultural communication (MA)
  • Gender roles, language, media, communication, legislation, minorities, mainstream cultures; issues of discrimination and/or racism (MA)

Mgr. Olga Zörnerová

  • marketing transcreation
  • localisation and related topics (MT, MTPE, style guides, terminology, working with agencies and LSPs)
  • video game localisation

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